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Retopologize - Zremesher

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Retopologize - Zremesher  Empty Retopologize - Zremesher

Post by Reoxur Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:51 am

First I want to say you're very talented to be able to make such software lol, and thank you that you are and that its Free.

I mostly use Sculptris still and then 1 feature of Zbrush which is the Zremesher since its probably the best Remesher tool / Auto retopology since it follows the curves and such.

So thats the only reason I use Zbrush at all, just to auto retopo lol...

I was wondering if youll consider adding a Zremesher type function to Meshmolder, I cant imagine thats easy but it would mean a lot to low skilled Sculpters since learning Retopology can take a long time to be good at and it also uses up a lot of time.

Topology that follows curves properly is important for animation and games too.

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Retopologize - Zremesher  Empty Re: Retopologize - Zremesher

Post by Admin Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:40 am

Hi Reoxur, i think adding retopology to Meshmolder and this is priority for me, but i need more skills and understanding to make functional. Maybe in next version.


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